Real Estate Investing

Solear's technology-empowered real estate management database is built on institutional diligence enhanced by data. Our platform lowers barriers to direct deals and offers diversification through managed portfolio solutions up to 30% cheaper than a traditional fund construct. Once invested, our Secondary Market offers unique liquidity optionality within private real estate.

Our seasoned Investments Team includes senior professionals from well-established investment firms including Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Dune, and GEM Realty Capital. We combine this depth of experience with rigorous analysis based on proprietary data and a nationwide network of local operating partners to deliver high-quality investment opportunities.

We provide accredited investors direct access to institutionally-sourced private real estate transactions, with the ability to commit to a diversified portfolio of assets starting at $100,000. Our fee load is up to 30% lower than a traditional fund construct, with no “double layer” of profit sharing and no fees on committed capital. Cadre receives a one-time 1% acquisition fee as well as an annual 1.5% management fee on equity.